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Talent concept

Talent Strategy and The Road to Union

In the world of today's enterprise competition is in the final analysis, talent competition, intelligent competition. Xin Gaoyi's decision makers and managers recognize and deal with this issue from a strategic perspective, so they can always maintain a dynamic and innovative technical team.

The company's specific practice is: to the cause of retention, to the treatment of attractive, to the mechanism to motivate people.

The company's employment philosophy is: the implementation of people-oriented strategy, and constantly attract and develop talented people, professional and professional characteristics of high-quality personnel for the company's sales, management, research and development and production to provide strong support and backing, advocacy of learning and communication, pay attention to the needs and development of employees, and constantly improve and update the knowledge and skills of employees To provide opportunities for employees' career development, and to build a competitive advantage in human resources through human resources practice.

In order to win a talent, Mr. Gao Dajian often work hard, personally to the candidate's city, with its knee-jerk talk, showing the company's attitude towards the good and thirsty. Compared with other companies, Xin Gaoyi is unique in the introduction of talent.

In addition to the talent strategy, Xin Gaoyi has established partnerships with Peking University, China University of Science and Technology, Fudan University and other institutions to take the horizontal joint road through joint development, the establishment of cooperation centers and technology transfer, thus greatly accelerating the pace of technological progress.

Xin Gaoyi also attaches great importance to the advice or opinions of experts. In recent years, invited to visit or lecture to the company at home and abroad as many as dozens of well-known magnetic resonance scholars. Their role in the development of the company is indelible.

We believe that first-class enterprises need first-class talent, first-class talent to create first-class enterprises.

Now, the emphasis on talent, learning knowledge, respect for experts has become the consensus of the company.