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Xin Gaoyi in order to better serve customers, set up a telemedicine system, through the United Nations well-known experts, for patients, to provide customers with a full range of imaging diagnostic services. The system uses remote image diagnostic module, combined with the international advanced STAR PACS system, to fully comply with DICOM standards, especially DICOM GSPS (image display consistency protocol), supporting all image equipment generated DICOM images such as CT, MRI, DR, DSA, RF, ultrasound, Nuclear medical imaging, etc. Using DICOM JPEG2000 compression and progressive display technology for image transmission, through the "second" level DICOM image display speed, to achieve rapid download and clinical diagnostic sense of real-time display, and provide easy-to-use, powerful image processing functions, solve the image fast reading, distance learning, Key issues such as remote diagnostic report entry and output are among the best telemedicine systems in the industry.