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Non-invasive digital integrated operating room

Basic information
Non-invasive digital integrated
Integrated operating room solution

XinGaoyi magnetic resonance minimally noninvasive digital integrated operating room, integrated with high-intensity focused ultrasound technology, radiofrequency ablation technology, subheliu knife technology, microwave technology and other minimally invasive or non-invasive treatment technology, the patient's physical tumor for precision positioning therapy, the real realization of "diagnosis, treatment, in-surgery monitoring and postoperative evaluation integration."

The MRI device can detect the temperature in the process of lesions ablation in real time, to achieve accurate, effective and safe melting, which is beyond the reach of ordinary CT or MRI. Magnetic resonance micro-non-invasive digital integrated operating room integrated With Arxsys digital operating room system to create intelligent surgical scenes. On the basis of medical data review, multi-angle video display, surgical recording and other functions, it has the Internet expansion functions such as live surgery, surgical teaching, remote consultation, etc., and will have a more extreme user experience in the 5G era.

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