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Superscan 1.5T

Basic information
Superscan 1.5T

Product Summary

The Superscan-1.5T Magnetic Resonance Imaging System is a classic clinical application developed by Xin Gaoyi Medical.

The use of radial 900mm, axial 1408mm short cavity, large open magnet, for patients to provide good check comfort, effectively overcome claustrophobia.

The high-performance all-water-cooled gradient amplifier and classic high-power air-cooled RF amplifier provide a stable and reliable hardware base for clinical scanning and functional applications.

Product features

Stable safety, maintenance worry-free, Superscan-1.5T using the original imported refrigeration system, the real multi-year "0" liquid helium volatile technology.

Use under normal conditions, no need to fill liquid helium during life, great savings in follow-up use and maintenance costs

A wealth of clinical applications, covering the skull, nerves, spine, limbs, blood vessels, body and other clinical applications.




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