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Oper 0.4B Open Interventional Magnetic Resonance Imaging System

Basic information
Oper 0.4B
Permanent magnet-type

The minimally invasive diagnosis and treatment of magnetic resonance guidance has the incomparable advantages of other medical imaging guidance, and its unique advantages are:

MR no ionizing radiation, no radiation damage to patients and surgical operators

MR No Bones and Piercing Needles and other metal artifacts

There is an vasossing effect that shows blood vessels without the need for contrastagents

MR scans provide any orientation and multidimensional images with unlimited angle and route of the needle

Good tissue spatial resolution, soft tissue contrast can clearly show the fine structure of nerves, blood vessels, and can display and resolution ct flat sweep is difficult to display issodense lesions

Because the optical guidance system supports the presence of virtual needles, the puncture is carried out under real-time positioning, and the puncture accuracy can be accurate to mm

Temperature sensitivity, real-time temperature monitoring of target tissue

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