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Oper 0.35

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Oper 0.35
Permanent magnet-type

The system has fast imaging speed, clear image quality, complete inspection function, high intelligence degree, comprehensive and reliable pulse sequence scanning and image enhancement technology, which can meet the needs of routine and special clinical examination. Innovative open magnet design and high-resolution full-body imaging system give patients comfortable open space in all site inspections, providing excellent diagnostic image quality, early detection and identification of diseases in various parts of the human body; With powerful 3D image reconstruction and post-processing functions to ensure that image display and post-processing in a stable synchronization, non-traumatic bile system, urinary system, vertebral water imaging technology can replace imaging, unique joint motion imaging technology, can continuously and dynamically observe the movement of joints in various parts of the neck. It can clearly diagnose joint disease and ligament damage, and the mechanical noise is low and no radiation damage is detected, so it is safe and reliable for pregnant women and fetuses.


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