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Magicscan 1.5T Superconductive magnetic resonance system

Basic information
Magicscan 1.5T


Automatic location scanning technology: automatic positioning with console scanning software, quick completion of automatic scanning;

The use of intelligent technology improves the efficiency of operating doctors, realizes the process and standardization of image scanning, and greatly improves the circulation of patient examination.

Automatic optimization, RAC anti-motion artifacts technology: the repeatability of high-quality images is scanned, which improves diagnostic accuracy.

Intelligent worry-free use of experience: professional and timely after-sales service, as well as remote Internet of Things maintenance system, equipment status in real time master;

Equipped with true 0 liquid helium volatile technology, 4k cold head, under normal conditions do not need to regularly replenish liquid helium, greatly reduce the cost of later use.

Comprehensive clinical applications: The examination range includes clinical applications such as nerves, blood vessels, abdomen, pelvic cavity, breast, tumor, orthopaedic limb joints, etc.

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